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MobillCash is the world's first Mobile Payment System where a customer needs only a mobile phone and nothing else to make a purchase.

A customer doesn't need cash, credit, credit cards, a bank account or even ID.

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We began programming over five years ago, and in our first year of launch we've gained support and approval from over 100 Mobile Phone Carriers like AT&T, Vodafone and Sprint/Nextel in fifteen countries. We are growing daily.

Over 500 million mobile phone subscribers can purchase goods and services from any merchant world-wide! Our goal is to be over one billion by 2008.

Now that we've done all the hard work, we need thousands of people just like you around the world telling millions of merchants that there is a secure way to make the sale when the customer doesn't have any money, credit or bank account.

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The Affiliate Program Over-view

Become an affiliate today and start earning a % of all transactions no matter what product or service is sold. At Mobillcash we don't sell any products or services. We simply help others sell more of their products and services. We help those who don't have any other way of making a payment or those who want to protect their personal and financial identification make the purchase simply and quickly.

Refer a merchant, and earn a % of every transaction from every merchant you send to our website who signs up as a Mobillcash merchant account.

How much do you want to make every month?

It's Easy - Become an Affiliate Today!

> >"/>Free Affiliate Signup
No Cost and No Term Agreement

> >"/>No Selling, Servicing or Supporting
Once you refer them we do the rest

> >"/>Easy Residual Income
Refer a merchant and earn % of each transaction every month

> >"/>Second Tier Residual Income
Earn % of every transaction from affiliates you refer

> >"/>Monthly Payments
Your commission % increases each month as profits increase

> >"/>No Limit on your Commissions
We expect our top earners to earn a mid-six figure income

> >"/>Manage Account
Private back office for reviewing all your commissions & referrals

> >"/>Affiliate Forum
Private affiliate forum to learn and grow together

> >"/>Free Marketing Matterials
Automatic Links, Graphics, Banners, and emails with your ID

Affiliate Marketer

If so, MobillCash will help you make more $$$

Let's say you are an affiliate of XYZ Company and you receive a commission when they make a sale from the people you refer. With MobillCash you can make a % of every transaction that they sell, even if you didn't refer the sale!

US Patent Pending

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